Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I ran into a dilemma last Tuesday night. I became too busy with writing test drafts for the upcoming periodical test, I forgot to prepare for my homeroom project class for Wednesday. So I opened up my art files on my laptop and quickly searched for an awesome activity that my students will enjoy but would take only half an hour to do (note: Homeroom project time was only for 40 minutes, minus 10 minutes for packing up). So I decided to let my students do a collage per group. True enough, they had fun making it with their friends.

Wanna do it at home as a mommy and kid bonding?
or maybe you're interested in doing it in your class too?

Here are the materials you need:

1. Printed cloth/ Felt cloth
2. Brown craft foam
3. Construction paper
4. Glue
5. Scissors

1. Let’s make the trunk first. Draw a tree trunk on the brown craft foam. Then, cut the trunk.
2. Glue the trunk on the construction paper.
3. Now, let’s do the leaves. Cut the printed cloth into rectangular strips.
4. Then, fold the rectangular strips into half. On the closed side, cut semi-circles according to the number of leaves you would like to put onto your tree.
5. Glue the leaves on the branches of the tree.
6. Finally, cut a curved strip of cloth and glue it into the base of the trunk. This will serve as the ground.

Enjoy Art-making!

Artful Pixie :)

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