Thursday, January 8, 2015


I have mentioned before that one of my favorite art movements is Impressionism. I just can't get over it. Aside from the fact that its very easy to do and teach, kids just love dipping those cotton buds in paint and putting it on canvas. So here's another lesson you can do on the topic Impressionism. Whether its a class project, or a mommy and kid bonding time, I'm sure you and your kids will really enjoy it.

The materials you need are:
1. canvas
2. acrylic paint
3. cotton buds


1. Lightly sketch basic shapes of flowers and leaves on the canvas using a very light pencil. I made mine circles to make it more modern-looking.
2. Paint the flowers with your choice of acrylic paint. The color needs to be a lighter version of what you actually want to color it with. Include the stems and the background. Do not worry about the shade and hue of the picture. You can do it with the cotton buds later on.
3. (The most fun part) Dip the cotton buds into the acrylic paint and start covering the painting in dots.

You can also choose another still life subject to do. Even smaller kids can do it.

Here's my sample:

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