Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dot Painting

I have always been inspired by the impressionist movement. One of my favorite artworks is the Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet. It is actually where the name "Impressionism " was derived from. Impressionism is usually made by using lots of small brush strokes. It is called "pointillism".

Are you ready to learn a really easy way to paint like a pro impressionist artist?

Here are the materials you need:

1. Paper
2. Water color/ poster paint (Poster paint works better because of its thick consistency)
3. cotton buds


1. Draw a simple landscape/ still life. Just do the outlines of basic shapes like trees, mountains, fields, etc.
2) Color the picture lightly using water color or poster paint. Don't do any of the details yet.
3) To turn your work into an impressionist painting, you have to put dots all over it. Dip one end of the cotton bud to the poster paint and start putting dots. Another way of putting dots is to use the wrong end of the paint brush or to use your finger!
4) You can opt to use a paint brush to add the finer details.

Another variation of this artwork is making the dots using markers.

Here are some of my students' finished output.

(from top to bottom: Sunset by Daniel Miranda of Grade 6-B; Farm by Julie Lee of Grade 6-A; Kite by Peter Woo of Grade 6-A)

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